What is Fanspo Trade Machine and How to work it in 2023

Now a day there are various types of trade machine in the trade market. for example NBA trade machine, MLB trade machine, NFL trade machine etc.

In this article we are talking about Fanspo Trade Machine (FTM) that, What is Fanspo trade machine and how to work it in 2023. Fanspo is a made up two words combines these words are Fans and Inspo, that means Fanspo. Fanspo as in we are building things that hopefully inspire fans to create cool stuff. Fans and sport also work with the name. so it that’s easier to remember for you.

What is Fanspo Trade Machine and How to work it in 2023

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What is Fanspo Trade Machine and How to work it in 2023

The Fanspo Trade Machine is an online tools and resources. It used by NBA fans and enthusiasts to simulate and evaluate potential trades involving NBA players and teams. It allows users to create hypothetical trade scenarios analyze the financial and roster implication of these trades and gain a better understanding of how players exchanges might affect various teams salary caps and overall competitiveness.

What is Fanspo Trade Machine ?

The Fanspo Trade Machine is a user friendly online platform that provides fans with the opportunity to engage in trade discussions and explore the potential outcomes of trades involving NBA players. Its a valuable tool for armchair general managers. Fans and analysts who want to analyze and speculate about player transactions. This tool is often used to simulate trade scenarios during the lead up to the NBA trade deadlines or whenever significant trade rumors emerge.

How to Use the Fanspo Trade Machine

Using the Fanspo Trade Machine is relatively straight forward. Here’s we discuss step-by-step guide how to work with it.

  1. Visit the website: First of all you visit the Fanspo Trade Machine website. It can often be found on various sports websites or dedicated trade machine platforms.
  2. Select Teams: Start by selecting the teams you want to involve in your trade scenarios. you can choose up to two simulate a trade between them.
  3. Choose players: Once you have selected the teams you can then pick the players you want to include in the trade. you can select any player currently on NBA roster.
  4. Adjust Player salaries: When you add players to the trade, the platform will automatically calculate the salary implications of trade. It will show whether the trade works financially talking into account the NBA’s salary cap rules.
  5. Add draft picks: It you wish to include future draft picks in the trade, you can do so. The Fanspo Trade Machine typically allows you to add future draft selections to sweeten the deal.
  6. Review the Trade: After making your selections the platform will provide a summary of the trade including the players involved, their salaries and any draft picks included.
  7. Analyze the results: The platform will indicate whether the trade is viable from a salary cap prospective. It will also provide a summary of the impact of the trade on both teams, including changes in their rosters and overall salary cap situation.
  8. Share and Discuss: Fanspo Trade Machine usually allows you to save, share or export the trade scenarios you have created. you can share it with others on social media or in online forums to facilitate discussions and debates about the trade’s merits.

Key features of Fanspo Trade Machine

  1. Salary cap Compliance: The platform checks the trade’s Financial feasibility based on the NBA’s salary cap rules. It ensures that trades adhere to the league’s financial regulations.
  2. Roster impact: Fanspo Trade Machine provides s detailed breakdown of how the trade affected the rosters of the teams involved. you can see which players are joining or leaving each team.
  3. Draft Picks: You can include future draft picks their trade scenarios, enabling them to explore the potential impact of the trade on a teams futures draft selections.
  4. Trade Proposal: The platform often allows users to propose and share their trade ideas with others, fostering discussions and debates about the proposed trades.
  5. Real time Data: Fanspo Trade Machine is typically updated with real time player information and salary cap data, ensuring that it reflects the current state of the NBA.


The Fanspo Trade Machine is a user friendly tool that provides NBA fans and enthusiasts with the ability to simulate, evaluate and discuss potential trade involving NBA players and teams. Its a valuable resource for those interest in understanding the intricacies roster changes and the impact of draft picks.

This tool not only facilitates trades discussions but also enhances fans understanding of the complex financial and roster dynamics involved in NBA transactions.

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