AI copy trading in 2023

AI copy trading is a technique of social trading, where a user follow profiles of other trader and even copy their trading strategies to increase their profits, either for free or paid money. So in this article we are talking about How to start AI copy trading in 2023.

AI copy trading in 2023

AI copy trading is also known as automated copy trading. It is a smart and user friendly way for people to invest their money in “stock market“. If they have not a lot of experienced or time to do trade themselves. then you can select AI copy trade because this trading system save your time and gain profit in stock market or share market.

AI copy trading in 2023

Imagine you want to invest in stock market or other assets such as cryptocurrencies, but are not sure which investment to choose. In this situation AI trading can help you. It involves using computer programs or artificial intelligence. TO make investment decision on your behalf.

First, you choose a skilled and experienced trader. this person is like your investment guide. you can see their track record and how well they have done in the past. then when the trader you are following makes on investment. The AI system automatically copies that investment for you. So if they buy a certain stock or cryptocurrencies your account will do the same thing. It is proportionally to the amount you have invested.

The benefit of AI copy trading is that it lets you benefit from the expertise of experienced traders without having too make all the decisions yourself. It’s like having a financial experts on your side helping you grow your investment.

AI copy trading platforms

There are many AI copy trading platforms such as 3 commas, eToro, NAGA, FK2, OKX, Ava trader etc. we specially talk about etoro AI trading platform because etoro provide you several features of investment.

Etoro is a regulated AI trading platform that offers social trading (copy trading) features, which allow users to copy the actions of other traders in real time. eToro also provides smart portfolios. It is based on different themes and market trends. eToro specially consistantly works in USA. So if you are living in USA you tried etoro mobile App service.


Q1. Is AI trading legal ?

Answer: Yes, it is allow on many regulated brokers and trading platforms that are also professional. It is being continually practices by beginners almost every country in the world including USA allow AI copy and social trading.

Q2. Is copy trading good or bad ?

Answer: Whether copy trading is a good or bad choice depends on your individual circumstance and objectives. it can be a useful tool for some investors especially those are looking for a hands-off approach to investing or seeking to learn from experienced traders.

Q3. Is AI copy trading really profitable

Answer: AI copy trading can offer convenience and the potential for profit. it also carries risks. there are no guarantee in trading or investing and you can experience losses. before engaging in AI copy trading investment goals. we advice to start with a small amount of capital and gradually increase your investment and you gain experiences and confidence in your chosen traders.

Consulting with a financial advisor or conducting in depth research can also help you make informed decisions about the profitability of AI copy trading in your specific circumstances.


To remember, that all investment come with risks and AI copy trading is not exception. it means also and high risk. you should still do your research and only invest money you can afford to lose. Also keep in mind that past performance is not a guarantee of future success. but for money many people AI copy trading can be a helpful tool to start their investment journey.

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